2018 Apostolic Man Conference – September 14th & 15th


Speakers: Rev. Stan Cook

Stan is originally from Kennett, Missouri. He graduated High School in 1981 and spent several years
working at a local radio station. Music was always a big part of his life. He sang solos often at his
church and participated in numerous musical opportunities at school. In November, 1983 he was
asked to travel to California for some singing engagements by his Pastor, Carroll McGruder, who had
an opening for a vocalist in his singing group, The Carroll McGruder Trio. Rev. McGruder asked Stan
to join the group permanently after that trip. The name of the group was later shortened to just “The
McGruders”. Stan’s tenure with the group lasted until April, 1997. The group was blessed to sing in
many great venues across the USA and Canada and had numerous Top Ten songs, including the
number one song in Southern Gospel Music, “I’m Going Home With Jesus”.
In April of 1997, Stan began traveling as a Field Representative for Tupelo Children’s Mansion in
Tupelo, Mississippi. TCM is a home for abused, abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children. Stan
and his family continued in that role until Jan. 2003 when he became the Executive Director of the
Residential Department at the Mansion. In the meantime, he continued to be invited to sing and
preach at numerous events each year. In April 2007, Stan felt it was the direction of the Lord to
resume traveling in a full-time capacity.
He continues to travel extensively as an Evangelist in the U.S.A. and Canada, singing and preaching,
as well as serving TCM as a Mansion Ambassador. To date, he has recorded eight solo projects.
Stan is a people person and never meets a stranger. He loves to laugh and in fact, often uses humor
in his concerts and sermons. He is passionate about smiling and feels that God’s people should be
the happiest people on the earth. Though we live in a problem lled society, the Bible says “a merry
heart doeth good like a medicine”. Sometimes a good song and laugh is “just what the doctor
ordered”! So, with a smile, song, or a sermon he continues to endeavor to be an encourager
everywhere he goes. Please accept this as his personal invitation to join him anytime he is singing or
preaching in your area.


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